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Patio Cover Installation

Raindrop Gutters & Patios the best patio cover installation company with Lifetime Warranty.

Alumawood Patios available in solid, lattice and insulated styles. Freestanding Patios also available.

Patio Cover Installation

Have you ever wanted a new and refreshing place to sit down and relax and wind down after a long day of work? Or a nice place outside of your home to have a very pleasant meal and spend quality time with your family? 

Whether you’re just trying to relax and enjoy a nice afternoon outside drinking your favorite beverage without having the sun beating down on you. Or you’re a morning person and like to enjoy your morning coffee outside. Imagine being able to go outside when it is raining and not get wet! No, this isn’t an impossible dream! What other better way of having these comforts and luxuries in the comfort of your own home by having us install your very own patio cover! Your very own private sanctuary! With many options available like ceiling fans, lights, outlets, just to name a few. Call for your free on-site consultation.

When is the best time of the year to get a patio cover?

The best time of the year to get a patio cover is all year, during the hot months a patio cover gives you a nice cool shaded living space you can enjoy, In the cold and wet season a patio cover gives you a livable space that you can make cozy is dry and away from the elements.

How much does a patio cover cost?

The cost of a patio cover can range based on extra amenities such as Single beams vs double beams which give your patio more stability and a more luxurious look and feel.

Other cost factors are wether the patio is insulated, if you want patio lights, patio fans, switches, patio outlets and how many. And whether you want the patio to be attached or freestanding.

Luckily we have made the process easy to receive an accurate estimate with out simple online form.

The more information that is provided the more accurate your estimate will be. Let us save you time and money by starting your first step to having a beautiful out door space for you and your family.

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